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Original Article An Evaluative Study of Community based Health Promotion Project
Sung Ae Park, Jung Ho Park, Soon Nyung Yun, In Sook Lee

Published online: September 30, 2001
College of Nursing, Seoul national University, Korea.
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This report is the result of interim evaluation of a health promotion project which was operated by a public health center of K Gu in the year of 2000. It evaluated the aspects of the aim of a project, a target group, and adequacy and appropriateness of a approaching strategy by considering data of public health center's self-evaluation, and guidelines of a group assigned to evaluate the project. The way of evaluation was dividing the project into a colligated evaluation and a evaluation by projects in the aspects of the structure, the procedure, and the result of a result. Through this, a device to improve the health improvement project was derived. The target data for evaluation was the second data and data of self-evaluation, reported data, membership register data of a health management, and interview materials with the people in charge by projects that are all collected as a project management documents. The result of evaluation is stated below. 1. Main purpose of a health promotion project is building a environment of healthy life practicing and providing information through various ways to increase the rate of practicing healthy life. Through overall project, the ultimate purpose and definite purpose were same, however, it was not quite satisfied to offer planning of a time, and a target amount in detailed strategy. As the purpose was to build environment of healthy life practicing, most of the projects had the whole community citizen as a target group. That made difficult to operate detailed projects, so the result was hard to estimate as much as the effort put into it. Also, there were too many kinds of projects and target groups to be equal to by the human source of a health promotion project team, so we were just bent on operating a project, and could not prepare for the evaluation. As the most of former evaluation of public health service was just counting number of the objects, the new way of evaluating a project wasn't familiar to us, so the evaluation of a detailed project cannot be done well. Techniques and advices needed for all of these things weren't offered appropriately. For the forward direction of unfolding project, it is desirable to operate project by selecting focused target and considering a strategy of evaluation as a strategy of reasonable spread. The evaluation of the project became difficult as participation of citizen for it was poor. So, approach strategy that can lead the motivation of community citizen should be derived. 2. For the continuation of a health promotion project, technical assistance system, description of a field in charge, and arrangement of the amount of task should be developed as a central level. Furthermore, as the health promotion project focus on behavioral modification program whose purpose is to lessen dangerous factors, the public health service model which is incorporated with former project should be developed and spread out in the field for the object-centered project plan.

RCPHN : Research in Community and Public Health Nursing